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3rd Japan District Youth Conference Inspires Apostolic Ministry of The Word and Prayer

Themed, "Apostolic Ministry of The Word and Prayer" taken from Acts 6:4, the 3rd Japan Distict Youth Conference was chock-full of spiritual activities in which the young watchers of Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) from all over Japan District gathered at Gunma Locale. This 3-day event was held last August 18-20.

With the desire to be once again be filled with the strengthening Word of God, these young men and women were all willing to learn from the seminars and workshop that were prepared for them.

The topics during the seminars are about the what's, why's, and how's of Prayer, Evangelism, and Ministries. Activities and workshops about Personal Evangelism were conducted in order to enhance the delegates in their ways of evangelizing the lost.

Pastor Celia Ferriol, Pastor Dan Ferriol, Pastor Jojo Cruz, Pastor Victor Fuerte, Pastor Phil Sison, Pastor Maya Cruz, and Pastor Filart Barrera were the ministers whom the attendees owe the knowledge that they received. They have encouraged the youths to know their gift so that these gifts would be used for the glory of God.

And by the grace of God, many of these young people were challenged and had decided to enter the MBS.

In concluding the event, an awarding ceremony was held in recognition of the participants who were soul winners.