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Cebu and Bohol United as One in District Summer Camp 2015

"We will abide in Christ. We should abide in Christ. And we will abide in the words of God, preached by the Sent Ones of God."
-Bishop Domingo Ferriol

With the theme, "Abiding in Christ" taken from John 15:7, the PMCC 4th Watch Cebu and Bohol District unites the 15 local churches gathering at Basak, Pardo, Cebu City for the District Summer Camp 2015 last May 13-17.

This 5-day event nurtured not only the physical and mental, but most importantly the spiritual aspects of the brethren. Jam-packed with sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and chess, and chock-full with contests like Bible drill, Bible hunt, Preaching contest, Declamation, Battle of the Bands, Song Interpretation for Cadets, Quartet for Youth, and Trio for Adult.

The district was blessed to have Bishop Domingo Ferriol, Pastor Luningning Ferriol, and Pastor Jun Marbida as Seminar and Worship speakers for the Summer Camp. One of the main highlights of the event is the dedication night wherein many young people and adult have decided to dedicated themselves by going to the Bible School. The highlight of the said camp was the Divine Worship on the last day of the camp wherein many brethren have been empowered by the message delivered by Bishop Domingo Ferriol.