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District Camp Unites Panay Island Brethren

"Amo lang gid ina ang paagi agud kita makaupod kay Cristo sa rapture. Abiding in Christ. "
-Bishop Arturo Ferriol

United as one, brethren from all over the Island of Panay gathered at PMCC 4th Watch Kalibo, Aklan Locale to once again be filled with the strengthening Word of God in the Panay District Camp with the theme, "Abiding in Christ", taken from John 15:7  last April 29 - May 3.


The day after the opening service, the campers were engaged in Panay District Sport fest which includes sports like basketball and volleyball. Various contests like preaching contest, bible quiz, and spelling contest were also held. In the evening, the worship service was about Ministries Night which featured the parade of ministers temporal ministry staff, and teachers.

Then, the third day was the continuation of the ball games and the  elimination round for literary contests of Know the Word, declamation, and shower of verses. And in the evening was the Pastoral Night which showcased the parade of probationaries, vfcm, bible students and summer ministry youth participants.



"Ang mga kaloob natin ay dapat gamitin sa paglilingkod sa Panginoon. " -Bishop Arturo Ferriol on Day 3, Seminar 2
("Our gifts must be used in serving the Lord.")

Day four was for the games championship, and the much awaited Power Praise Competition in which the participants were seen presenting their talents for the glory of God. It was also the Dedication night and Awarding ceremony in which the campers who triumphed in their respective contests were given recognition.

The morning of last day has given way for the Divine Worship and in the afternoon the attendees went home with fortified faith and renewed dedication which leads to a life that is abiding in Christ.