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Life Radio 1179 AM khz 1st Anniversary celebrated succesfully

Blessed to reach its initial year, the second Radio Station of the evangelical arm of the Church through media is continues in informing people with valuable news and information as well as spiritual things. Recognizing His goodness to the radio station, the brethren and listeners gathered to worship Him with utmost adoration.

The anniversary celebration started after a successful motorcade in the city proper of Santiago Isabela. Sis. Margie Dianito led the lively singing of praise and worship before Pastor Jun Marbida entrusted the event to God thru the opening prayer. To formally welcome the attendees, warm greetings and acknowledgements were given by Pastor Teody Verano.

A song of praise was uplifted unto God by Sis Doreen Codon before a video presentation prepared by the ONK TV was shown.

A live drama was presented by the ONK Radio wherein the attendees were in awe at the God-given talents that were used for the purpose of spreading the good news. 

Another song of praise was given by Bro Yuri Gagarin and Sis Shane Daganio before Pastor Ruben Ventura delivered the offertory message wherein he encouraged the congregation in giving faithfully for the work of God.

The ONK Radio Choir offered a song of praise to prepare the brethren and visitors in listening the Word of God.

The main event in this gathering was the fiery message of the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. Everybody who attended was given a deeper insight in the work of God in the End-time and a better understanding of the role of the radio ministry in spreading the Word of God.

All in all, the success of the 1st Anniversary of LIFE RADIO 1179 AM khz is a proof of God’s continuing providence and blessings to His Church.