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Luzon Summer Adult Camp 2015: Day 3

Wednesday's activities started off with the Morning Devotion. Speaking to the campers about the power of prayer was Pastor Charlie Magbata. Then the Apostle gave a short exhortation before the prayer.

After a short break for breakfast, the seminars continued in earnest, bringing spiritual rejuvenation to the campers. Pastor Belle Obsanga spoke during the first seminar. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol spoke during the second seminar, further strengthening the brethren. 

For the third seminar, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol, US District coordinator, discussed the qualities of a faithful steward of God's blessings. Pastor Dan Perez then taught during the fourth seminar, in the afternoon, keeping the brethren awake and lively with the Word's of God and testimonies of God's moving.

After the seminars, a bit of time was alloted, for the contests, namely, Preaching, Photography, Graphic Design, Essay, Poetry and more. 

After that short break, it was off again to the Worship Service.

Speaking the message for the Wednesday worship was Bishop Osie Quillao, who explained how abiding in Christ is possible only through the words of God brought by His Sent One. He also outlined that to abide in the Lord is to posses Christlike qualities.

It was a great and blessed day once more. (A. Miciano)