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Luzon Youth Camp 2015: Day 2

The sun beamed vividly all over the complex during the second day of the summer camp, as though it was a silent, fiting reminder that God has granted another day of spiritual strengthening. The young campers welcomed the dawn with knees bent, addressing their prayers and petition to God during the morning devotion.

With assertiveness and urgency, Ptr. Polly Mendoza, the first seminar speaker, exhorted everyone to be involved in all Churh activities and to move with haste in reaching people through personal evangelism. The second speaker was Bishop Resting Zonio, who elaborated the need for each young person to participate in spreading the good news of salvation. The Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, spoke during the third seminar on how to make good use of one's time being a youth, "You have all the chances to do greater things for God. You cannot be acceptable to Him unless you deny yourself. In this camp, learn self denial and study the Bible."

The final seminar of this day was graced by the message delivered by Ptr Jun Marbida, member of the Church Council, "In this camp, God has something in store for you. Pray and meditate in His word." Particicpants of the Poem and Essay competitions were all eager as they compete in their respective contests. The Yell Competition highlights the day's contests. The abundance of gatherings in the Church and the multiplicity of empowering messages is truly evident in such junction.

The worship night jumpstarted with a joyful singing led by the Calamba Praise and Worship Team. Youth members of Macedonia and Zion Area rendered songs in praise of the name of the Lord. "Develop your awareness concerning the great need of the Church for great contribution" was the main thought of the Offertory mesage ministered by the Antioch Area Coordinator, Ptr, Dondon Tolero. The divine message was delievered by the man being used by God powerfully in the ministry, our beloved Bishop Osie Quillao. "Ministries Night: Know your Gift" was the topic discussed in detail, encouraging all the listeners to utilize every heavenly-bestowed gift for the fast progression of the Church of Christ in the End-time. (R.G. Camposagrado)