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Visitors Flock the PMCC 4th Watch South Korea's Grand Senakulo 2015

PMCC 4th Watch South Korea Grand Senakulo 2015

In celebrating the Lenten Season, brethren and visitors alike from the local churches of Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) South Korea gathered at the Uijeongbu Locale to medidate the 7 Last Sayings of our Lord at the Cross.

After the fellowship, the PMCC (4th Watch) South Korea Grand Senakulo 2015 was held. With the supervision, guidance and inspiration of the District Coordinator, Pastor Rosita Abanto, and with the preparations of the Seoul Head Pastor, Pastor Donald Abanto, and with the cooperation of all the cast as the characters that showed exemplary effort in preparing the costumes and props, the passion play has moved viewers and spectators into accepting the greatest gift of God to mankind, the salvation.

The participation as well as the support of the local brethren also made the event possible and successful.