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2nd Bahrain-Qatar Camp Held Successfully

The third instalment of the Camp marathon in the Middle-East District was held as a combined service for brethren of Qatar and Bahrain locale churches.  This 3-day Camp from February 20-22, 2015 was hosted by the locale church of Bahrain led by Pastor Andy Pabelico and Pastor Adel Pabelico, along with guest speakers beloved Bishop Resting Zonio, Bishop Aldrin Palanca, Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Pastor Nheng Zonio, Pastor Elleza Palanca and Pastor Dick Montemayor.

Like the preceding Camps in the district, the core messages delivered by the speakers on Seminars, Divine Worship and other services were mainly focused on the central theme “Everyone a Missionary, Every Man a Mission Field” from Acts 8:4.  

On first day of the Camp, delegates have already received God’s abundant grace thru His Word as delivered by Pastor Nheng Zonio in the Morning Devotion and Bishop Resting Zonio during the Worship Service.  The Sportsfest 2015 kicked-off in the afternoon with 4 strong, competing teams vied for a win in Mass Demo and volleyball.  After these exhausting games, Campers again prepared for the evening event “Soul Winners’ Night”.  A number of brethren were recognized for their fruitful efforts in bringing souls for Christ.

The following day, Bishop Aldrin Palanca exhorted God’s Message encouraging everyone to be fruitful in the ministry and be partakers of the church’s growth.  As the Sportsfest continued in the afternoon, brethren showcased their mental and physical prowess in chess, table tennis and basketball. 

On the third day, delegates were brought into a renewed dedication and commitment to God as Bishop Resting Zonio ministered the last Worship Service of the Camp.  Literary contest, such as Know the Word and Preaching Contest, was the highlight of the Sportsfest’s final day.  The awarding ceremony followed shortly after with Doha Locale bringing home the over-all champion award.

The gladness in each camper's heart was deeply felt as they were not only strengthened in their physiques but their spirits were tremendously blessed as well. The Lord has been truly glorified for the success of the 2nd Bahrain Camp 2015. (O. Dela Cruz)