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Pandacan Locale: 11 Years of Fulfilling God’s Work

The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) Pandacan locale celebrated 11 years of service unto God last September 21, 2014 with theme "Constantly Giving Ourselves Fully to the Works of the Lord" from 1 Corinthians 15:58. Its Church Anniversary was held in the auditorium of Asian Social Institute (ASI).

To start the Thanksgiving Service, the praise and worship team led by Pastor Junahle Arandid together with the congregation expressed their praises and adoration to the Lord. Then, special numbers were offered unto God by the selected Youth Department as well as the MCA students and parents. Next was the offertory message by the Pandacan Locale’s Head Minister, Pastor Henry Arandid followed by a song of praise by the Temple of Praise.

In the meditation of God’s Word, Pastor Mona Quillao elaborated the imperatives of constantly giving ourselves full to the work of the Lord. After hearing God's Word, visitors received salvation after accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Previously before the celebration, there were activities held to prepare the brethren for the awaited day. On September 14, Ruhama Band was featured on its Pre-Anniversary Service with “Restart” as the theme, while on September 17-19 was a Spiritual Empowerment with Pastor Lito Palma, Pastor Marlon Caalim, and the Southern Metro Manila District Coordinator, Bishop Osie Quillao, as invited speakers. (R.G. Garcia)