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Victoria Locale Celebrates Another Year of Devoted Service

Indeed, God’s grace was truly remarkable in the recently concluded Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service of Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) Victoria Locale as hundreds of brethren and visitors filled the service hall last September 14, 2014.

Focusing on the theme, “Growing in Love and Faith Leading to Abundant Thanksgiving”, Pastor Jun Marbida, Laguna District Coordinator, further increased the spiritual knowledge and understanding of the congregation during Sunday School.

Blessed to have one of the church’s bishops as the keynote speaker, Bishop Domingo Ferriol, who ministered the Word of God. Empowered and strengthened, the brethren and visitors alike were joyful and jubilant in receiving the inspiring message.

To further magnify the name of the Lord, a gospel concert participated by MCA students and Victorious Band were presented. The success of the event was evident as the visitors voluntarily accepted the salvation given to them and decided to be baptized.