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Amparo Locale Celebrates 8th Church Anniversary

Hundreds of brethren as well as visitors of Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) Amparo Locale gathered with enthusiasm in celebrating their 8th Church Anniversary at the Covered Parking Lot of Newman Gold Liner and Philippians Bus Liner last September 14.

Despite of the strong winds and heavy rain that the attendees had endured, they have been eager in listening to the messages that was ministered to them. Pastor Cristy Yton, a Minister from Marikina Locale, was the Sunday school speaker and she shared about the importance of being steadfast in the church.

“Basta manatili ka lang, kahit maraming pagsubok, manatili ka lang, iingatan at pagpapalain ka ng Dios”. (“Just stay, in spite of many trials, just stay, God will bless and keep you safe”.), said Ptr. Cristy

Welcoming the congregation with warm greetings was Bro. Jacob Pascual, Head of Newman Bus Liner. Sis. Ellen Mallillin, Head Minister of Amparo Locale, encouraged the congregation to be recipients of God’s bountiful blessings through generous giving in her offertory message. And to prepare the attendees in hearing the Word of God, songs of praise by Bro Jason Leaño, Reyster Yton, and John Mecq and the Potter’s House Band were uplifted unto the Lord.

Dwelling on the theme, “Achieving Church Restoration through Apostolic Revelation” taken from Acts 3:21, Pastor Cristy further reinforced the faith of the congregation in the Apostolic teachings. She emphasized that the apostolic teaching is the teaching that is unadulterated, the teaching that is sanctifying, and the teaching that is rooting faith.

Nearly a hundred visitors responded to the message by voluntarily accepting the salvation given to them. And as the event concluded, John Mecq and the Potters House Band rendered songs of praises to glorify the Lord.