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Roxas, Palawan 16th Year of Establishment: A Resounding Success

It’s been 16 years of God’s faithfulness were experienced by the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ ( 4th watch) Roxas, Palawan . They recently celebrated the 16th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service in their worship hall last August 24, 2014.

During Sunday School, the Head Minister of Roxas, Sister Ezrah Fuentes, discussed their  theme, “Rooted and Built Upon Apostolic Teaching” from Colossians 2:7. The brethren gained spiritual knowledge through the clarity of God’s Word.

 At the worship service, Sis Ezrah welcomed the worshippers with warm greetings and later ministered the offertory message, inspiring the brethren to commit faithfully in the ministry of giving. The unadulterated teachings from God’s word was ministered by the Palawan District Coordinator, Pastor Bong Juanson.

 “Though we are in the midst of the odds and difficult situations, we are not moved for we have a genuine faith, enabling us to stand in our everyday living. And we are so much thankful for in the church, we have with us the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol teaching us the right spirit of thanksgiving”. Ptr. Bong expounds in his message.

 Later that afternoon, the place was filled with joy as the youth showcased their God-given talents through sing and dance presentations. The grace of salvation was received by14 souls who accepted Christ as their Saviour. Indeed, God’s abundant blessing filled the local church of Roxas. ( J. Mirano )