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UK Camp 2014: A Week-long of God's Empowerment

From the 13th until the 17th of August, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th watch) United Kingdom churches celebrated one of the most awaited event of the year the Summer camp. With the coordination of Pastor Violy Concepcion (Europe District Coordinator) and other Local Church pastors and workers, delegates from London, Berkshire, Manchester, Brighton, Worchester were gathered together in Cardiff Wales to celebrate the event.


With the uncontainable desire and gladness to glorify the Lord, the opening night was filled with joyful singing, praises and inspiring testimonies. The camp orientation was delivered by Pastor May Reyes, head pastor of Manchester locale church. To ignite the spirit of everyone, the Word of God was magnificently taught  by Pastor Sam Ferriol, ( REDEEM OIC ). Sister Abby Ferriol- Pascual did the honour of proclaming the UK Summer Camp 2014 has officially started.


With the theme "Global Evangelism with End-time Mysteries Revealed" , the congregation was oriented about "what the global mission is", as ministered by Sis. Abby Pascual. The worship service that day was filled with deep desire of dedication when Pastor Thess Salanap. Head Pastor of Madrid, Spain, reiterated  that everyone must be involved in spreading the good news.


More seminars and activities were done during the succeeding days of the camp. Fellowship hour and pot luck were done to make the fellowship more intimate among the brethren. Other Workshop and orientations were done including Media (led by Pastor Sam Ferriol), Youth Leadership (Sis. Abby Pascual),and  Health management (Bro. Rhandy Dancel & Sis Cherry Sotero).


Various competitions were also made to make the brethren more pumped up in joining the activities. There were cheer dance competition, choir and  quartet competition, interpretative dance, and  preaching contest for everyone to participate according to ones talents and abilities. One of the highlights of the camp was the talent’s night where various presentations from different locale churches were showcased.


The last night, the MBS Night was one of  the highest point of the camp. The congregation was blessed to see young  brothers and sisters who dedicated their lives for the ministry walking down the aisle. Inspiring testimonies were heard from  Sis. Nelia Javier (Ireland) and Sis. Abie Dinglasan (Portugal) as they shared their experiences of God's mighty work on the pioneering works that they are involved with.

After the encouraging words of God ministered by Sis. Abby Pascual, many brethren decided to dedicate their lives to God  in the full-time ministry.


This year's camp was full of blessings and new visions from God. With the reinforced strength brought about by the Word of God, the works of the Lord will continuously spread in the district of Europe.


 To God be the glory! ( A. Villorante )