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Cambodia Reaches First Year in Faith

With it’s blessed initial year, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Cambodia Locale celebrated its 1st Church Anniversary in its service hall last August 10, 2014. “An Offering of Thanksgiving to God for His Wonderful Saving Grace” from Psalms 116:12-14 was the chosen theme for the event. Scores of brethren as well as visitors gracefully joined.

The event began with Sis Donna Robles, Head pastor of Singapore, powerfully ministered God’s word in Sunday School, whereas the brethren acquired a profound knowledge upon hearing those spirit-anointed messages.

As the worship service starts, the Head pastor of Cambodia, Bro Eddie Levida, extends his warm greetings and gratitude to the brethren and guests. Emphasizing the importance of giving, Sis Donna Robles, once more took the stage to minister the offertory message. Bro Eddie Levida later, introduced Pastor Emil Reyes, Head pastor of Antipolo, as the events guest speaker. In his message, Ptr Emil acknowledged the bright aspects of the church progress from it’s humble beginnings till the present state.

As the highlight of the day’s event, a concert organized and presented by the Cambodian brethren were witnessed.

Indeed another leap of achievement was added to the local church of Cambodia as their anniversary turns into success as it concluded with scores of visitors and baptisms. ( P. Manlapig, J. Mirano )