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7th Middle East District Conference: Talent's Night

The delegates arrived at the worship hall early to be empowered by prayer during the morning devotion. Pastor Andy Pabelico of Bahrain locale discussed the fruits if people will be devoted to prayer. Shortly after kneeling, the brethren geared-up for the first seminar delivered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca. Focusing on this year’s theme, he said that one of the proofs of the true preaching of the gospel is that when it is preached in revelation of the mysteries. The apostles are the stewards of God’s mysteries (1 Cor. 4:1). Bishop Aldrin also enumerated some of God’s revelations to the apostles; first, the right knowledge about God (Luke 10:22) and second, the revelation about the right doctrines (Gal. 1:11-12). The Apostles have the surer word of prophecy since they were the eye witnesses of God, concluding that the Goodman of the House, likewise, is an eyewitness of God as well.


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