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London Locale's 11th Year of Establishment: A Celebration of God's Overflowing Blessings and Power

PMCC (4th Watch) London celebrated its 11th Church Anniversary on June 15, 2014. There was an abundance of God’s blessings as those in attendance were strengthened and inspired by the messages they heard. The brethren from the United Kingdom and nearby European cities once again reaffirmed their faith and resolved to do mighty works for God.

A two-day Spiritual Empowerment Service preceded the actual day of anniversary. Pastor Joseph Concepcion, the Head Pastor of San Diego (USA) locale, was the keynote speaker. His message dwelled on the theme, “Strengthening our Commitment for Marvelous Works for our Marvelous God.” 

During the anniversary, the Chiswick Grand Hall was filled with songs and praises. The brethren expressed their adoration for God and His abundant grace. The event served as another opportunity for the brethren in different locales to take part in the worship service and engage in fellowship. 

A special video greeting from the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol was presented and touched everyone’s hearts. Pastor Tanie Noche (Paris locale) preached the offertory message and encouraged the brethren to continuously support the global mission. Pastor Joseph Concepcion, the event’s guest speaker, helped the congregation to be able to relate to God’s words. The worship service ended with numerous visitors and guests responding to the altar call. 

After the worship service, the brethren took part in the lunch prepared for them. They also witnessed the launching of the Second Eurovision album, "Diaspora." The various performances showcased the God-given musical talents of the European brethren. There were other performances by the children, youth, and adults from Manchester and London. A notable dance number using the song ‘Deliver Us,’ was performed by the London artist chorale. It was a rendition of the life and story of Moses. , using the song 'Deliver us'. Dances from were also used for the glory of God. 

As the event coincided with the celebration of Father’s Day, Pastor Violy Concepcion (Europe District Coordinator and Head Pastor of London locale) also paid tribute to all the fathers present. She acknowledged the fathers’ commitment and dedication to God and their respective families.

After the event, the attendees went home fully fulfilled and spiritually renewed. They carried with them the messages they heard and the memories resulting from their fellowshipping with other brethren. (R. Sotero)