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“One Church, One Music” Inspires Music Enthusiasts

The Final Hour Music Ministry conducted its first music workshop on June 6, 2014. Music enthusiasts from local churches in Metro Manila and nearby provinces went to Marikina locale to participate in the daylong affair. Entitled “One Church, One Music,” the workshop was designed to unite music enthusiasts and hone their musical talents.

The event opened with the congregational singing led by Pastor Anna dela Torre. One of the pioneers of the church’s music ministry, Pastor Mar dela Cruz, led the participants in the invocation. Sis. Joy Ferriol-Guerrero, the Final Hour Music Ministry Chairperson, then gave a very warm welcome to those taking part in the workshop. Before the meditation of God’s Word, the Malagasang Choir rendered a song of praise.

In his talk, Bishop Osie Quillao gave the listeners an insight on the early church’s history pertaining to music and how music played an essential part in a believer’s spiritual aspect. He cited 1 Corinthians 4:7 and expounded that all talents came from God. Thus it must not be a source for boasting but be used for God’s glory.

Afterwards, Sis. Joy introduced the instructors facilitating the workshop: Bro. Paulo Joseph Sico and Bro. Paolo Fernandez (Eleventh Hour) on drums; Bro. John Mecq (Potter’s House), Bro. Marvin Maglalang (Soul Paramedic) and Bro. Lester Ng on guitars; Bro. Jandel Valdez (Soul Paramedic) and Gerry Baylon (Potter’s House) on bass guitars; Bro. Kemuel Quillao (Dokimos Christian Band) on violin; Bro. Chester Bondoc (Dokimos Christian Band) on keyboards; Bro. Jason Leano and Mr. John Angelo Diamos (De La Salle University) on choir conducting; Bro. Jose Rafael Tuazon (Exile Philippines) on working as a sound technician; Prof. Ramon Acoymo (UP College of Music) on vocal technique; and Pastor Sammy Bagcat (Pillars) and Pastor Anna on Praise & Worship leading.

The participants then went to the places assigned to their respective sections. Their respective heads facilitated the lecture, training and mentoring until the afternoon. The participants then altogether attended the seminar and open forum about “The Role of Music in the Church” presided by Pastor Mar.

Later, a welcome treat to the participants was the mini concert featuring Pastor Sammy Bagcat, Bro. John Mecq and the Potter’s House. Some of their fellow musicians were given a chance to showcase their talents in performing “Masayang Maglingkod” from the album “Be My Sanctuary.” They only learned how to play the song during that afternoon. The participants and the organizers all sang along, creating a lively atmosphere. It was a fitting ending to the successful workshop which will help them effectively make use of their musical talents for God’s glory.