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Thailand Brethren Unleash Athleticism on Their Sports Fest

Sports Fest is one of the events that everyone is waiting for, a time for refreshment, fellowship and sportsmanship.

Making this an opportunity, brethren from PMCC (4th Watch) Thailand invited all their contacts as well as their friends to participate.

By God's grace many of them attended in which some are foreigners, and also most were baptized before the event started. In spite of many hindrances especially now that Thailand is under Martial Law, curfew is being declared, but thanks be to God for He worked in their midst mightily.

Everyone enjoyed playing different kinds of games such as: patintero (mouse blocking), caterpillar game, volleyball, basketball, chess, arm wrestling, tug of war, egg relay and more. 

Having 4 teams which includes Mighty Gideon, Warrior, Berean Fighter and Undefeated Conqueror, the fest concluded successfully and every one were enthusiastic and looking forward in participating again next year. (P. Manlapig)