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Luzon Youth Camp 2014: Day 5

Youth campers can’t get enough as the Summer Youth Camp for this year ends on its fifth day. Pastor Mona Quillao, Jerusalem Area Coordinator, highlighted the power of prayer in global evangelism as it fuels the evangelistic endeavours of the Church. Bishop Osie Quillao, a Church Overseer, shared his real- experiences in Increasing Satellite Churches thru Personal Evangelism. Through this, campers learned how to go about producing and increasing a satellite church. This was immediately followed by a talk of Bishop Art Ferriol on contemporary issues cautioning the young people to exhibit moderation in all aspects of their life even in their engagement to social networks. The apostle in the end time untiringly reminds the youth that the only way of escape is for Christ to come. This will only happen if the young people in this age will learn to watch. The Goodman of the House ended the last seminar for this camp leaving a challenge for the young people to go and change the world.

Just after having their lunches, the campers quickly filled up the AATF Sport Complex to witness the much awaited event for this camp, the Power Praise. Bleachers are loaded with campers in their respective areas. Power Praise competition truly showcased the dancing prowess of the young people in the church and established camaraderie amongst local churches. Winners were acknowledged during the dedication service.

 Youth campers for this year sealed their dedication with a decision to join hand in hand with the apostle in doing the last and great pursuit of the church which is the Personal Evangelism Program. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol asserts that neglecting to desire to evangelize means missing your life as a young people. (M. Fernandez)