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Music Ministry to Release Praise and Worship Album

Final Hour Music Ministry, the music division of the PMCC (4th Watch) is proud to announce the release of Praise & Worship album this coming Luzon Summer Camp, April 2014. This “Be My Sanctuary” album consists of 14-tracks from the qualified entries of composers on the Praise & Worship Songwriting Competition last December 2013.

“One of the purposes of producing this album is for the church to have its distinctive songs: songs that can fit to the characteristics of the End-Time Church, thus can be sung in every church gathering,” according to Pastor Mar dela Cruz, one of the board members of Final Hour Music Ministry.

This project’s sound engineer, Pastor Ernesto Purisima said, “Recording of this album is very challenging because it is a Praise & Worship album, compared to the typical band or solo artist recording. But by the grace of God, we can say the album is on par with Praise & Worship and contemporary songs on the market.”

Spearheaded by the music ministry’s chairperson, Sis. Joy Ferriol, the selection of songs were made on January, and started the song arrangement and recording on February. “Though, time is limited, hopefully the album will be released this Camp,” she said.