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Big Success of This Year’s First-Ever Zion Area Fellowship

On the 16th day of March, thousands of brethren and hundreds of visitors gathered on this year’s first-ever Zion Area Fellowship. Marikina locale hosted the event offering its air-conditioned auditorium and elegant vicinity. Because the auditorium was not enough to accommodate the rush of attendees, just about the entire building was packed with Marikeño brethren. 

A warm ambience and a friendly atmosphere were established by Sister Reshen Vallespin together with the Marikina Locale Praise and Worship team before Pastor Dante Abainza prepared the seminar with a prayer. Selected ONK Radio staff offered a song of praise which prepared the hearts and minds of the congregation before Pastor Rey Yton, Zion Area Coordinator, powerfully ministered the word of God with the theme, “Serving God with Abundant Faith, Love and Hope” taken from 1 Thessalonians 1:3.

Songs of Praises to glorify and exalt the name of the Lord from the Marikina Symphony of Praise and Highest Praise Chorale were offered to God in worship service. 

To sanctify and saturate their spiritual thirst, the brethren were grateful that the compelling Words of God were ministered by Bishop Osinando Quillao as the keynote speaker of the said event. Satisfied by the impressively delivered messages, the congregation’s faith was once more renewed as well as increased their conviction in doing their best in their service that abounds in love and service to God. 

As a response to the message of God, scores of visitors were baptized and accepted Christ as their personal Savior. (B.Sico)