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International Missionary Day Returns to Marikina

It was indeed a very blessed Sunday last January 12 when the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch), held this year’s International Missionary Day in the city the Church calls home: Marikina City. Thanks to God, a very beautiful weather, manageable traffic, and the Church’s close friends and colleagues also contributed to the success of the event.

Flying in from South Bay, California, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol was the Master of Ceremonies of the event. Praise and Worship was led by Sis. Joy Guerrero followed by the Opening Prayer given by Bishop Domingo T. Ferriol. Bishop Osinando Quillao delivered the Offertory Message. Songs of Praises were also offered to God. Friends and acquaintances of the Apostle and the Church gave their well wishes. 

As keynote speaker of the Worship Service, the Goodman of the House reaffirmed his apostleship and the duty that each and everyone in the Church should perform. Christ is coming fast and the Goodman of the House continues to prepare the Church for the return of the Son of God.


And as a family returns to their parents during homecoming bigger and more blessed, the same thing was evident with the PMCC (4th Watch) as a whole. Local church membership was bigger, families were happier, and visitors were more numerous. Attendance was at an all time high and it was by the careful planning and the grace of God and that the International Missionary Day was a success. 

The last time, the Church gathered for an event at the Marikina Sports Complex was way back in 2007, and back then it was becoming more and more obvious that it was going to be difficult fitting the growing number of brethren inside the complex. During the said year, the event planners used the Complex Grounds to hold more brethren.

This year, the Complex managed to hold the event, but only when the planners decided to designate four other locations where the brethren could stay during the Worship Service. And the brethren, being the adaptable Fourth Watchers that they are, found the other locations just as comfortable as the Bleachers or Grounds.   

Blessed Event

It was no small feat to see the brethren gathered in Marikina City once more. Many drove from as far as the Bicol Region and there were those who flew in from the Visayas and Mindanao as well as from outside the country. The PMCC (4th Watch) churches could be found worldwide and in nearly a hundred cities around the world, but when the Goodman of the House sounded the call to gather to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, the men and women who make up the Body of Christ in the End Time immediately answered.

The brethren came to be blessed and they went home blessed indeed. (A. Miciano)

(Photos by J. Colico, A. Javier, I. Rubonal)