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24th International Convention: Day Two

Day Two was like every other ordinary convention day: well blessed.

Tuesday started off with prayers during the Morning Devotion. Pastor Raquel Dela Cruz, head pastor of Bae Locale, gave a stirring Offertory Message and also provided some real-life testimonies of local and foreign brethren giving their very best to the Lord. Pastor Maya Cruz, Judaea Area Coordinator gave the message and also added some more testimonies about God’s work in Japan. Afterwards, the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol gave some more inspiring words, and then the congregation proceeded to the morning prayers.

Seminars were headed by Bishop Domingo T. Ferriol, Peniel Area Coordinator, regarding the “Primary Work of the Church” and Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Bethlehem Area Coordinator, who tackled the topic of “Holiness and Service.” Undoubtedly the highlight of the morning, a Seminar by the Apostle also blessed the attending brethren.

The brethren returned after lunch for another round of Symposium with the Bishops. Once more the senior ministers of the Church provided answers to questions puzzling some of the brethren. After the Symposium, the brethren had a short break and then it was back to enjoying God’s Words once again.

This evening’s Worship Service featured Ministries Night. Along with selecting a trustworthy man to become the Goodman of the House, in the same way God provided many spiritual gifts to the PMCC (4th Watch). From Evangelizing, to Singing, to Teaching, these gifts resulted in the many ministries available in the Church.

One of the growing ministries in the Church was the music ministry. As a result, to better utilize and enhance the many singers, bands, musicians in the Church, the Music Department was formed. Headed by Sis. Joy Guererro, the new department was ordained during the same evening.  

Bishop Osinando Quillao, Jerusalem Area Coordinator, explained in the Worship Message that it was through these ministries that the brethren were able to serve God. Singers sang song of praises, teachers taught at the Maranatha Christian Academy, and so on. As a result, the good Bishop urged the brethren to find out their gifts, if they did not know theirs yet, and to devote themselves even more, if they were already serving God through a ministry.