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24th International Convention Draws to a Close

The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) held the closing ceremony of its 24th International Convention in Luneta on October 27, 2013. The service followed a week filled with numerous activities aimed at strengthening the spiritual lives of the believers. 

The event, blessed with a cloudy and cool afternoon, began with a parade showcasing the flags of the nations where the church has established its presence. This was followed by the ministers stationed abroad and those assigned in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The various coordinators here and abroad capped off the parade. 

As the partakers of the program, members of the church council, different bishops, and Apostle Arsenio Ferriol marched up the stage, the congregation sang the hymn signaling the start of worship service.

Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, the master of ceremony, introduced the praise and worship team headed by Sister Joy Ferriol-Guerrero. They led the congregation in lively singing praises to God. 

Afterwards, Bishop Aldrin Palanca led the worshippers during the opening prayer. Pastor Gallie Concepcion then officiated in the reading of the Scriptures.

Bishop Arturo Ferriol warmly welcomed the delegates from the domestic churches and the foreign churches in 52 nations. He also thanked the guests and visitors who attended the service.

Bishop Osinando Quillao administered the offertory message. He explored the biblical basis of giving and also defended the practice of public offering.

Throughout the service, the thriving music ministry of the church was in full display. The Tower of Praise and the PMMC String Orchestra performed several numbers to maintain the worship atmosphere.

Former Bulacan Governor Roberto Pagdanganan and Bishop Leo Alconga of the Philippines for Jesus Movement gave their greetings filled with encouragement and enthusiasm. 

Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, in his message, clearly established the calling he received through the Scriptures. He cited the various biblical bases for being the Goodman of the House. He discussed the subject of times and seasons as well as its interrelated topics. He also recounted some personal experience in relation to his ministry.

After his message, it was only fitting that he extended an invitation for the guests to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. He also prayed for those afflicted with illnesses so that they may receive divine healing.

Soon, the large crowd that packed the Quirino Grandstand and the ground facing slowly dispersed and prepared to head home towards their respective locales. They will bring with them their renewed spirits and the commitment to share the gospel to other people. (A. Zantua)