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Saskatoon Celebrates 2nd Year of Partnership to the Gospel

In the so-called Land of the Living Skies which is the Saskatchewan in Canada, God built His vineyard in the City of Saskatoon. Last September 8, 2013, the Saskatoon Locale celebrated its 2nd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service with the theme “Joyfully Thanking God for the Grace of Partnership to the Gospel”, led by Bro. Vio Villareal. The anniversary was attended by different nationalities.

The service began with the Praise and Worship songs led by the Edmonton Praise and Worship team. Then, the brethren once again empowered and strengthened their faith by the powerful and inspirational message delivered by the Canada District Coordinator, Pastor Belle Obsanga. After her sermon, many souls have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

In partnership with the brethren from Edmonton and Calgary Locale in Alberta, the 2nd Church Anniversary was accomplished and it was a total victorious on that day.