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Celebrating the First Anniversary of Thailand Locale

God’s love is truly not limited to any country or race. His kindness reaches to all, to everyone, so that the whole world might be saved.

And so, the brethren from the PMCC (4th Watch) Bangkok Locale, Thailand were so much blessed to celebrate its 1st Church Anniversary with visitors from different countries. Burmese, Japanese, Canadian, German, Australian and Thais gathered at Pyarom Sports Club Hall, Bangkok, Thailand last 4th of August to glorify God.

During the Sunday school, Evangelist Leticia Ferriol expounded the words of God to strengthen their faith as well as to further encourage standing firm in times of trials.

Sister Marlene Obis established a pleasant atmosphere by welcoming the congregation with warm greetings. The offertory message which led the brethren to give more for the establishing of the church in Thailand was delivered by Bro. Ronald Obis. As the theme “Established in the Faith, Abounding in thanksgiving” taken from Colossians 2:7 implied, Evangelist Let reinforced the faith of the congregation especially those who were just new believers in Christ. She emphasized it by saying “The words of God will be effective and powerful if the listeners have faith. We are the End-Time Church/Disciples. We should be Alert, Aware and Awake, for our time is a perilous time.”

A series of presentation followed, consisting of pantomime stage play, body worship, and dance number/revolution. These showcase of talents inspired the brethren as well as the visitors to also share the talents that God has given them.

The success of this service was made possible by a month of chain prayer & fasting of the brethren and 3 days of spiritual empowerment prior to the event. (P. Manlapig)