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Antioch Area Celebrates Youth Month and Area Fellowship

The Church of Christ in the End-Time is a church which molds and enhances not only  the ministers, elders and teachers but the youth as well. It is for this reason that the PMCC (4th Watch) generated a program specially designed for the youth.

The theme of this year’s youth month was derived from Colossians 1:28, “Molding the youth into perfection through Apostolic Ministry.” On July 7, an opening service was held  to formally introduce the start of youth month. Youth officers and members alike attended the said activity. Pastor Dondon Tolero, Coordinator of  Antioch Area  exhorted in his message that the young ones must be faithful with their responsibilities whether it be small or big. The following day, July 8, was the start of prayer and fasting week. Every youth were encouraged to comply with the scheduled fasting day and to participate as prayer leaders during the morning devotion. The aim of this is to prepare the youth for personal evangelism and crusade. The youth were also assigned as partakers in the midweek services. On the second Sunday of this month, a seminar entitled  “Say YES Youth Empowerment” was conducted to further improve the young people’s ability in promoting the personal evangelism program. During this seminar, the importance of prayer was highly emphasized. “It is your weapon in overcoming the difficulties you might encounter while doing the P.E”, remarked Pastor Tolero, the distinguished speaker of the seminar. On the third week of the month, the youth were off to some areas of the city to partake in the crusade. As a result, a good number of souls have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. 

Like King David who delighted and meditated in the law of the Lord day and night, it is also the pleasure of every brethren in Antioch Area to revel in the depth’s of Gods word. On the 27th of July, Bacolod Locale hosted the Second Antioch Area Fellowship with Bishop Arturo Ferriol as the guest speaker. He elaborated on the theme “Pursuing the Apostolic Mission until the Day of Christ” taken from the book of Colossians.

He stated in his message that the church is now being processed into perfection through the leading of the Goodman of the House, our beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. “The church in the end-time might even surpass the first church”, he reiterated during the delivery of his message. Like the withered flowers watered by the rain after a drought, the divine words of God replenished the brethren’s spiritual aspect. 

In the afternoon of the same day, the youth got involved in the talent showcase. Young people from the nearby local churches displayed a variety of presentations related to the theme. The recipient of Best in Presentation Award was given to Iloilo Locale. The floor was once again given to Bishop Ferriol for the exhortation of God’s word which was youth-focused. The consistent smile on his face created a comfortable ambience among the youth as he annunciate the importance of dedicating one’s life for the ministry. “The youth of today’s generation seems to be so engrossed with their mundane activities and are too busy planning for  their career. Serving the Lord appears to be the last thing in their minds. This must be a high time for these young ones to re-evaluate their spiritual realm. The Lord created us for Himself. Apart from Him, we will never have joy and satisfaction,” he accentuated in his message.

Such gathering was indeed a blessing to all the attendees. For where the two or three are gathered in His name, the spirit of the Lord is in their midst. (R.G. Camposagrado)