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Marikina Locale Jam Packed on National Youth Fellowship

A large sum of young people from different cities and provinces across Luzon gathered to be a part of National Youth Fellowship at PMCC (4th Watch) Marikina Locale. This yearly event is the climax of the Youth Month celebration and also the time for the youth to commune with their fellow youth from different places.

In the early morning of July 27, joyful singing started the fellowship and was led by Sucat Locale youth. Then, Bishop Domingo Ferriol spoke for the seminar part. His spontaneous but enlightening and forthright sermon lunged into the hearts of the youth undeniably like a two-pronged sword. After listening to the Bishop’s diverse messages about love, thanksgiving, faith, obedience, and even praising the Lord, the acquiescent youth readied themselves for more spiritual learning on worship.

The youth from Tanauan Locale began leading the congregation in singing to start the worship proper followed by Sis. Joy de Guzman for the opening prayer. After the invocation, a duet from Camarin Locale offered a song number. Then, Pastor Jun Alano, the Head Pastor of Camarin Locale and the current Minister-in-Charge of Youth Department in national scale, formally greeted the participants of the fellowship.

An intermission number from Sinnai Locale youth in the tune of “Pupurihin Ka” was presented before giving way for the testimonies of the selected youth.

In the beginning of the testimony part, Bro. Manasen Vargas, a Magna Cum Laude, the top-notcher of Nursing board exam, and currently a first-year Associate in Theology student, challenged his fellow professionals to give honor to the Lord. It was then followed by Sis. Glaiza Barcelona of Camarin Locale, a Dean’s Lister who denied every opportunity the world has to offer to serve the Maker of all things. Lastly, Bro. John Deric Cachero of Baguio Locale testified God’s goodness to him, from the time he was still studying maritime education while serving God, up to his experience in sharing the Gospel to his fellow seamen.

After the testimonies, another song of praise was rendered by a quartet from Macedonia Area entitled “You Raise Me Up.”

On the offertory part, Pastor Eva Quines, the Northern Metro Manila Coordinator, cited examples of bountiful giving in the Bible.

Subsequently, an interlude portion in form of sing and dance was showed by Philadelphia Area youth.

And on the key message, the Goodman of the House, beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol urged in his sermon that the youth must avoid neglecting the real purpose of man— to serve God – and shun hypocrisy. Then, a song “When God Ran” was sang by Bro. Yuri Gagarin, another first-year Associate in Theology, to fill the interval of the sermon. In continuation, the Apostle told the youth that everyone must be involve in missionary work. If the trend of the Christian faith during the First Watch was denying ones’ life for Christ, the inclination of Christians in this modern liberal world must be “live to testify”, he added. The Apostle made the listeners realize that this time is the Eleventh Hour, and said to them to do God’s will with haste.

The edifying message of Apostle Ferriol lasted for about two hours. Still, the youth were prepared with vigor for more presentations and messages.

The last program of the National Youth Fellowship, the Youth Hour, was the time for the youth from different areas to showcase their God-given talents. To start the Youth Hour, the Baguio Locale youth boosted the crowd in praising and singing godly songs, followed by prayer from Sis. Chiz Garcia.

The Bethel Area youth rev upped the presentation proper with song and dance production. With their red and white costumes, the youth from Goshen Area energetically sing and dance in front of audiences. Next performance was a graceful dance number from Smyrna Area youth. Then, a multi-talented demonstration of Jerusalem Area youth expressed a one nation under God. And lastly, the Zion Area presented a portrayal of personal evangelism with matching song and dance.

Also, the Eleventh Hour readied the youth for the message part by singing their newly-composed song entitled “Na Makasama Mo”.

To complete the sermons heard, Pastor Jun Alano once again appear before the crowd to discuss this year’s National Youth Month theme, “Molding the Youth Into Perfection Through Apostolic Ministry” (Colossians 1:28). He told to the spectators that as a youth, they have the greatest privilege to serve God.

Just like the heavy rains occurred that day, the spiritual blessings of God showered to every youth attended the National Youth Fellowship. The participants may be exhausted to all of the activities during the gathering, but those that they have learned will be their strength that will renew their Christian being and determination to testify.

More news related to National Youth Fellowship to follow