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Melbourne Celebrates Six Years of Blessings

Six blessed years were more than enough reason for the Melbourne brethren to once again celebrate God’s unfailing kindness as they gathered for their yearly anniversary.

Held at The Kelly Park Hall last July 14,2013, the PMCC (4th Watch) 6th Melbourne Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving was themed Preaching the Gospel with Apostolic Authority (Romans 16:25).

Guest Speaker to the event was none other than Pastor Belle Obsanga, who is one of the living examples of those who share God’s words with the authority received from the Goodman of the House. She explained the True Gospel of Salvation can only be preached by the apostles, since they are the ones who received the authority from God.

With her during the service were Pastor Alex Andaya who gave the Welcoming Remarks and Pastor Olivia Liamzon who delivered the offertory message.

And that wasn’t all.

During the afternoon, selected Melbourne brethren performed during the Gospel Concert. The concert was a great way to continue praising and giving thanks to God.