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Gifu Celebrates Second Church Anniversary

Brethren from the local church of Gifu in Japan celebrate their second anniversary as they look to a heroic future ahead serving God.

On July 21, 2013, PMCC (4th Watch) brethren in Gifu gathered together for a Grand Worship at the Tokiwa Kaikan Mizunami Gifuken as they celebrated their Local Church Anniversary. The event carried the theme “Heroic Deeds of the People of God (Daniel 11:32)”.

During the yearly thanksgiving event, Pastor Nimfa Barrera told all those in attendance that as children of God, the brethren should do heroic deeds for the Lord. Of these heroic deeds, Pastor Nimfa said, the most important is proclaiming the glory of God (1 Peter 2:9).

Also present during the event was Sis. Lhara Baay who welcomed the brethren and their visitors. A band concert was held afterward, featuring the Nagoya Band, as well as a theatrical play by the Nagoya Theatrical Artists entitled “Heaven and Hell”. Selected Gifu brethren also delivered an interpretation of the song, “When God Ran”.