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Holy Week Activities

This Lenten season, giving reverence to the One who gave His life for us is an upright deed for us Christians to do. Here are some of the Holy Week activities of the PMCC (4th Watch).


Notwithstanding the cultural and religious prohibition, Dubai Locale has able to come up with its own Senakulo. Here are the play dates featuring the talents of Selah Theatrical Arts: March 22, 28 and 29.

The Marikina Locale has also prepared a theatrical play of life and death of Jesus to be portrayed by Alpha Omega Theatrical Production. March 28 and 29 are the play dates of Senakulo which will be held at Parang Playground and Freedom Park (Marikina City Hall) respectively.

Another presentation of Christ’s passion is being prepared by the brethren from Hawaii. Their program will be held at 918 Puuhale Road, Honolulu, Hawaii, on Friday, March 29.

The Local Church in South Bay, California too has a theatrical presentation featuring David Meece’s “Crucifixion” on Saturday, March 30.

Seven Last Sayings

The local churches are preparing for the Seven Last Words on Friday, March 29. Pastors and ministers will tackle the deeper meaning behind the words of Jesus on the cavalry.

Resurrection Sunday

Finally, the celebration of victory of Jesus Christ from the grave will be on Sunday, March 31. The Resurrection Service will be done in every local church.