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MBS Holds 35th Commencement Exercises; 140 Bible Students Receive Diploma


Graduation is a momentous event to a person’s life, particularly to a student, for this is the day when he or she receives recognition of the accomplishments he or she has done and the fulfillment of his or her aspirations and goals.

Baccalaureate and Recognition Service

A baccalaureate service denotes a celebration which honors a graduating class. The event is typically a Christianity-based service which is held within a few days before the commencement ceremony.

Last December 24, graduating students of the Maranatha Bible School countrywide and overseas were convene, prior to the 35th commencement exercises, to initiate its baccalaureate service at Marikina locale worship hall.

This service commenced in a processional followed by an invocation led by Sister Beatriz Parane, 4th year Bible Student. The message of thanksgiving was powerfully aided by Sister Anna Magnaye, 4th year Bible Student from Europe. 

From the “Anointed and Trusted Followers of God” to the “End-time Global Harvesters”, the name of the Lord were lifted with such effort as they offer an extraordinary number through the ministry of music. 

Since the church is in spiritual thirst, as expected, the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol ministered to the brethren the surer word of God. In his delivered message, he gave further details about the authority, works, characteristics and rewards of the candidates for graduation. 

At night, recognition was held wherein Brother Michael Tan, President of the 2nd Year AIT, delivered a speech thanking the support of their family to their ministries and also their family within the church that empowered their convictions and strengthened their faith and devotion to the works of God.

The sacrifices made by the graduating students were also acknowledged through the awarding of medals which was personally handed out by Evangelist Leticia Ferriol. The 4th Year Bible Students were especially honored when the hood investiture ceremony was commenced imparting the responsibility held by a minister of Christ.

Evangelist Leticia ministered the words of God which empowered the devotion to God of the graduating class as well as the whole congregation.

Graduation Rites

Just last March 26, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, hundreds of people were gathered at the PMCC 4th Watch Marikina Locale Auditorium to witness the graduating class of Maranatha Bible School (MBS), which comprised the Fourth Year Bible Students named the “End-Time Global Harvesters” and the Associate in Theology called the “Anointed and Trusted Followers of God”, with tears in their eyes remembering how God has been faithful and true, how God has been good all these years in their ministry as Bible Students, walked with pride as their names were called.

As the ceremony began, Sister Ritchel Galas led the congregation to a lively congregational singing before Bishop Domingo Ferriol, Antioch Area Coordinator, entrusted to God the service thru the opening prayer. Sister Jonalyn Matugas delivered the message of offertory proclaiming the importance of faithfulness and constancy in giving for the works of God resembling the example made by the Goodman of the House who gave His whole life without reservation before the recognition of the Faculty Members headed by Evangelist Leticia Ferriol.

“God is always powerfully giving us more than what we expect we will receive. “ – These are the words of encouragement spoken by Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, the Goodman of the House as he showed the video of properties which God had blessed the church with.

It has been a tradition since the MBS was established to have speakers during the commencement exercises. The speakers this year were the following: firstly, Sister Joan de Inla compellingly delivered the message which was entitled as the “The Authority Given to the End-Time Global Harvesters”; secondly, Sister Alpha Joy Gonzaga persuasively delivered the message about the “Works of the End-Time Global Harvesters”; thirdly, Brother Edison Jarme powerfully and intensely ministered the message of the “Characteristics of the End-Time Global Harvesters”; and lastly but not the least, Brother Levi Ferriol impressively and movingly ministered the last message which was the “Reward of End-Time Global Harvesters” and ended up in calling for the people who will give their lives for the ministry which by the grace of God, scores of youth answered the call.

A message of inspiration was also memorably given by Bishop Leo Alconga on behalf of Brother Eddie Villanueva wherein he stated to the graduates, “Do not quit”. 

Pastor Lito Dela Torre, MBS Officer-in-charge, presented the 140 graduates to the Apostle, who has given his recommendation before giving their diploma.

Conclusively, the graduates knelt at the stage for a prayer, further dedicating their lives and thanking God for the calling they have received before the final song was sang.

The auditorium was filled with mixed emotions as the ceremony ended with a success and a challenge to the youth in giving their lives for the ministry of saving lives. (P. Manlapig & B. Sico)