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Jerusalem Area Victoriously Holds Fellowship at Quirino Grandstand

Multitude of brethren and visitors of PMCC (4th Watch) Jerusalem Area from around Metro Manila gathered for the Jerusalem Area Fellowship at the Quirino Grandstand where shouts of praises and adoration to God resonated and uplifted the spirits of the attendees last March 17. 

A warm ambience and a friendly atmosphere were established by Tchr. Genevie Giron together with the Malate Locale Praise and Worship team before Pastor Jim Bigalbal prepared the seminar with a prayer. The Pandacan Locale offered a song of praise which prepared the hearts and minds of the congregation before Bishop Osinando Quillao, Jerusalem Area Coordinator, powerfully ministered the Word of God with the theme “Walk Worthy of His Calling Through God’s Love” which was taken from Ephesians 4:1-2.

As the master of ceremony, Pastor Evelyn Fremista readied the congregation when the worship proper begins before Sis. Miki Hiraoka together with the Praise and Worship Team guided them in singing praises and adoration unto God. Pastor Ruben Ventura officiated the reading of the Holy Scriptures right after Pastor Ric Gozo led the opening prayer. A song to glorify God was rendered by the Locale Church of Mandaluyong before Pastor Mona Quillao cordially welcomed the attendees with warm greetings. Bishop Osinando delivered the message of giving which encouraged the brethren to give wholeheartedly. Makati and Sampaloc Locale offered songs of admiration that moved the congregation to be prepared for the message.

The attendees were grateful to have the Apostle in the End-Time, the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol to minister the words of God which made their faith reinforced with renewed dedication to do the will of God for them.

And by God’s grace, many had accepted Christ and have been baptized. The brethren were truly thankful for the success of this huge gathering. (P.Manlapig)