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Gratifying Outcome of This Year’s First Zion Area Fellowship

 On the 3rd day of March, thousands of brethren and hundreds of visitors of Zion Area gathered at the PMCC (4th Watch) Marikina locale in one of its anticipated gatherings, the Zion Area Fellowship.

Themed “Growing in Faith, Abounding in Love until Christ Come” excerpt from 2 Thessalonians 1:3, Pastor Daniel Ferriol, a missionary from Japan Locale, and Bishop Arturo Ferriol, Area Coordinator of Bethel Area, once more strengthened the faith of the believers as well as reinforced the belief of the visitors with powerful ministering of the Words of God.

In order to accommodate the attendance of ten areas of Zion Area, a first and a second worship were held. During the first worship, Pastor Cristy Yton was the master of ceremony while in the second worship, the master of ceremony was Pastor Dana Serrano, Fuchsia Area Adviser. Pastor Nita Gaan, Peach Area Adviser, and Pastor Divine Magbata uttered the prayer dedicating the day of revering before the readings of the Holy Scriptures were officiated by Pastor Rodel Quiambao, Green Area Adviser, and Pastor Sammy Bagcat, Orange Area Adviser. The messages of giving were delivered by Pastor Dante Abainza, Area Adviser of Blue Area, and Pastor Rey Yton, Area Coordinator of Zion Area, which further inspired the brethren for unselfish giving.

Songs of Praises to glorify and exalt the name of the Lord from the AIT Chorale, PMCC String Orchestra, Marikina Symphony of Praise, and Highest Praise Chorale, were offered to God in both worships.

To sanctify and saturate their spiritual thirst, the brethren were grateful that the compelling Words of God were ministered by Pastor Daniel and Bishop Art as their worships speakers. Satisfied by the impressively delivered messages, the congregation’s faith was once more renewed as well as increased their conviction in doing their best in their service that abounds in love to the Lord.   

The brethren responded to the speakers by filling the atmosphere with the most enthusiastic praises and adorations that resulted for the numerous visitors to accept Christ as their Personal Savior.

At night, various performances and special numbers were showcased by the Mint Area brethren since it was their night. Modern, folk, and ethnic dances as well as group songs were presented to show the talents that God is giving to His children. Afterwards the message was ministered by Pastor Rey Yton. An awarding ceremony regarding the highest attendance, visitors, and baptisms was held right after a few song numbers.

In the end, the brethren were once again thankful for there were events like these that were conducted inside the Church to continuously build up their spiritual aspects. (P. Manlapig)