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Sports Fest Highlighted the MBS Foundation Day 2013

The enhancement of the physical and mental aspects of the bible students, and also to practice their team work, sportsmanship, and discipline, are the objectives of conducting the Foundation Day of the Maranatha Bible School. Two days were filled with vigorous activities participated by six clusters that played and worked so hard together to achieve the best for God’s glory. 

February 8, Friday, the opening ceremony started in Manotoc Court, Sto. Niño, Marikina at 7:30 AM, with the grand entrance of every clusters starting with the Invincible Fighters (Pink Team), the Preach Perfect Patriots (Green Team), the Defense of the Almighty (Blue Team), Red Conquerors (Red Team), the Soul Rescuers (White Team), the Vanguards of Faith (Yellow Team) which names were inspired by bible verses.

And before the clash of the clusters began, they first all start with a good aerobic to warm them up.  Each clusters performed their prepared yells to boost their teams’ confidence and spirits. Then, the first game which was the men’s tug-of-war took place followed by the women’s division. This set the heat in the atmosphere followed by the other games namely, obstacle race and basketball while track and field, baton relay and women’s volleyball which took place in Marikina Sports Center. 

The bond of the bible students continue as God has given them a great weather. Exciting thrills and twists happened in every game. The court was filled with cheers and praises.

The next day of the event, the literary contests (Bible Quiz and Know the Word), preaching contest and swimming contest took place. Close fights happened for truly God has given abundant wisdom to His children.

In the evening, the awarding ceremony occurred. The bible students looked stunning in their formal attires where there would be a special award for the most eye-catching participants that will be entitled as Star of the Night and Gentleman of the Night.

And before the awarding, words of wisdom were delivered to the bible students by the Apostle in the End-Time, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol.

In the first part of the awarding, winners in the literary contest and preaching contest were recognized. Then, the model bible students of each cluster also introduced themselves and proceeded to the question and answer portion.

 And as the awarding goes on including the song composition contest where all the clusters performed their composed songs, best banner, best in yell, most disciplined cluster, best in charity, best cluster assistant leader and best cluster leader, the winners were given the chance to have a little speech and of course, they all thank God and gave the glory to Him. The hall was filled with great anticipation for the announcement of the winners. The second runner-up goes to the Invincible Fighters; first runner-up goes to the Vanguards of Faith; and as the Champion goes to the Soul Rescuers. 

And for the final act, the SBO officers rendered a song of praise unto the God. Whom without them the event will not be possible and of course with the mighty help of the Lord that made the event a huge success.

The sportsmanship of every cluster, the preparation and hard work of the SBOs, the support and guidance of the pastors, and most of all, to the mighty help of the Lord, made this wonderful event of the MBS a huge success. God be praised. (N. Ferriol)