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Mindanao Local Churches United for the Missionary Day

In accordance to the International Missionary Day that was held last January 13 at Luneta, Manila, the ministers, elders, pastoral staffs and department officers of the PMCC (4th Watch) around the Mindanao region gathered for event celebrating the calling of the beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. The Local Church of Davao hosted the Mindanao Missionary Service on January 17 with the theme, “Discipling All Nations through Apostolic Authority” (Romans 1:5-6).

The occasion started on a seminar with Bishop Domingo Ferriol, the Antioch Area Coordinator, as a speaker. On the start of the worship, Pastor Polly Mendoza of Davao Locale delivered his welcome speech for the congregation.

Songs of praises from choirs from Davao and General Santos locale made the atmosphere ready for the meditation of God’s Word. Then, it was Bishop Domingo Ferriol who once again brought the message for the offertory part. Finally, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol preached the Word of God which later on heartened many guests to accept the Lord’s salvation.

After the success of the worship, a Gospel concert was held in the evening, which highlighted the presentations of Tagum and Davao brethren.

With the accomplishment of the Mindanao Missionary Service, the local churches around the region have just revealed their support to the ministry of the apostle and the mission to preach the Gospel not only to the whole country but also to the rest of the world.