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Canada Opens Maranatha Bible School Extension

The Maranatha Bible School has opened its doors to the Canadian District of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch).  Officially launching this MBS Chapter last January 6th, 2013, the said event was held in the local church of Toronto, Ontario where it will also serve as its headquarters. Thisfirst batch of bible students and AITs (Associates in Theology) was presented before the congregation in a formal ceremony of which comprehended encouraging testimonies and numerous special numbers for the Lord.

Considering that there were many cities and provinces that did not and still do not have an established mission field, Pastor Isabel Obsanga, the Canadian District Coordinator, saw the need for more workers in Canada.  As young people and adults in various local churches across the country submitted and dedicated their lives to God, the feasibility of starting a new Bible School chapter was brought up.  Through the instruction of the Apostle and the consensus of the Church’s board, the MBS has formally extended its reach unto the Canadian District.

This batch of the MBS Canada Extension consists of 7 bible students and 5 AITs.  The faculty is composed of Pastor Isabel Obsanga, Brother Rod Surilla and Sister Noemi Mina.  Subjects for the initial curriculum include Bible Introduction, Christian Education, Church History,Pentateuch,Music, Theology I, Epistles 1, Life of Christ and French.Although classes have started, one important thing the student body is constantly admonished to do and not to forsake is their Personal Evangelism, an important part of their MBS schedule. Also included in their schedule are not only the Daily Devotion but their MBS Devotion as well where bible students and AITs are partakers.

The establishment of the MBS in this great nation is another milestone for the Church as it continues with its evangelistic endeavors in the End-Time.  The Bible school in this North American country will serve as a training and learning ground for all Canadians who will enter the ministry or who will sacrifice and enroll in the AIT program.  It will continue to hold on to its legacy of adequately equipping and molding young people and adults alike in being future ministers of the Church. (A. de Vera / T. Bico)