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Canada District Missionary Service

In celebration of Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol's calling, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) held its Missionary Day last January 20, 2013 in the local church of Toronto.  Aside from the local brethren, representatives and ministers from different churches in Canada attended the said gathering.  The theme for this year’s Apostolic Missionary Day was “DisciplingAll Nations through Apostolic Authority”which was taken from Romans 1:5-6.  

The event started at 3pm on that very cold winter day with the Praise and Worship Team of Toronto leading the congregation in a spirit-filled singing to the Lord.  The jam-packed service hall erupted in praises and exaltation to His most holy name. Sis. Aileen Caluag, the worker in Edmonton Locale led the opening prayer which prepared the brethren to worship.  Among the partakers on the annual gathering was Bro. Tony Costa (Vancouver, British Columbia), Sis. Mia Vargas (Montreal, Quebec), Bro. Rod Surilla(Toronto, Ontario) and Sis. Noemi Mina (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

In between parts of the program different song of praises, video and live presentations were seen and heard by everyone.  Segments of the presentations highlighted the life and ministry of the Apostle of Christ in the End-Time.  It also demonstrated the state of the Church in different aspects of growth.  Ptr. Isabel Obsanga, the head pastor of the local church of Toronto and Canada District Coordinator, administered the words of God.  Her message that day further affirmed the blessedness of the Church through the ministry of the living apostle in our time.  Indeed, the calling of the Apostle is also the calling and election of the Church.

It was a blessed day not only for the brethren but also for the scores of guest and visitors who attended the event and lateraccepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  The day commenced with everyone having the pure joy in their hearts and the assurance that we have the Goodman of the House preparing and leading the Lord’s church to perfection ‘til His return. (A. de Vera)