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2013 International Missionary Day Bests the Weather

On it’s third straight year of holding the 2013 International Missionary Day at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) once more experienced God’s grace and love as the perennial event succeeded despite the weather.

As the International Missionary Day, which has been planned for months already, neared, the weather became a bit of a concern. The PMCC (4th Watch) leadership and brethren knew, however, that weather reports weren’t going to stop the event, which was held on January 13.

Thus the people of God prayed fervently during the days prior to January 14, 2013, and as a strong sign of their faith, thousands of brethren from all over the world drove, sailed and flew to attend the 2013 International Missionary Day despite the weather forecast.

This faith and dedication are fruits of the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol’s teachings and stood as testaments to the truthfulness of the event’s theme: Discipling All Nations Through Apostolic Authority (Romans 1:5-6)

Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, the Sent One of God, encapsulated the faith and dedication of the saints that evening with these words from his message: I know that even if it rains, you will never leave.

True enough, the brethren who were in attendance remained in their seats despite the short drizzles that occurred during the start of the Apostle’s message. Even the area coordinators, who sat near the front of the grandstand, did not budge from their seats. Not one of these seasoned ministers opened an umbrella. 

God, however, in all His faithfulness has always looked after the welfare of His Church and after a few minutes, the Lord answered the prayers of His people and held the rain at bay. It was an answered prayer once more.

The weather holding was indeed a miracle from God. But the bigger miracle was the faith and dedication that the PMCC (4th Watch) showed despite hardships. Yes, faith and dedication even in the face of Nature.

Currently, this is the third successful International Missionary Day held at the historic Quirino Grandstand, the sixth successful, large gathering of the PMCC (4th Watch) in the same venue, in three years.

God helped His True Church succeed once again.


For the 2013 International Missionary Day, senior ministers once more led the brethren in Worship as partakers of the event. Ptr. Jonathan Ferriol, US District Area Coordinator and South Bay Local Church Head Pastor, was the emcee of the event. Bishop Domingo T. Ferriol, head coordinator of Antioch Area, led the Church in Prayer that afternoon.

Evangelist Leticia S. Ferriol provided the very welcoming welcome remarks as she acknowledged the presence of the brethren who have travelled from all over the world. Ptr. Reynald Sulayao led the Scripture Reading while Bishop Osinando Quillao of Jerusalem Area gave the Offertory Message.

Bishop Arturo T. Ferriol, coordinator of Bethel Area, was tasked with the honor of introducing the Keynote Speaker, none other than the Sent One of God in the End-Time, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, who delivered the Words of God, crisp, clear and unadulterated for all to hear.       


Once more, the brethren continued to show their faith and dedication by fulfilling their own parts and responsibilities in the event. Many arrived early, parking their vehicles properly in the designated areas, and then filled the first vacant seats on the grounds. They also listened attentively during the Worship Service and praised God lively.  

The exodus of the brethren after the program was also as orderly and peaceful as when they arrived. In a few minutes, slowing down only because there were so many vehicles in the parking lot, everyone was on the highway once more, headed safely home.

Glory be to God! (A. Miciano)