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MBS Conference 2012

From the different parts of the world, God is continuously calling great men and women to fulfill His Great Commission. And just last October 8-10, those who have boldly answered the call and courageously entered the PMCC (4th Watch) Maranatha Bible School held their MBS conference to once again renew their faith and dedication to the gospel.

 Three days of reflecting and meditating the word of God to learn better on how to have a more successful ministry. From the great speakers who ministered seminars and expounded more of God’s word, the bible students were once again inspired in hearing their great personal testimonies on how God made their ministry successful and set as examples on how they fully dedicated their lives for the gospel which was a materialization of the theme “A Life Fully Dedicated for the Gospel” taken from Acts 20:24.

The bible students did not only strengthen their relationship with God in this conference but also they started strengthening their bond to one another by initiating batch fellowships.

And with the services conducted, including the seminars, Prayer Marathon, Missionary Night, and Dedication Night, the consecrated people of God in the End-Time filled the Marikina Locale service hall with praises and adorations - a reason for them to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit drifting through the atmosphere.

As a result, the bible students’ desire to serve their lives unto the Lord ignited more even if these means of denying their desires and ambitions in order to fully dedicate themselves for the advancement of the gospel. (N. Ferriol)