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Novaliches Locale’s 30th Church Anniversary Features Musical Play

Remembering a significant event with thanksgiving is the manner through which a church should commemorate its anniversary. Blood, sweat, and tears generated by relentless prayers were the foundations that established every Church of Christ.  It has been thirty glorious years since the beginning of the PMCC (4th Watch) Local Church of Novaliches, where its history came into being when the beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol himself debated and tamed the once arrogant debaters of a familiar cult. 

Last September 30, 2012 the Locale Church of Novaliches celebrated their most awaited event – the 30th Church Anniversary, themed “Jubilant Thanksgiving Worthy of Our King” taken from the book of 2 Samuel 24:24. It was another milestone worthy for every brothers and sisters to be thanked for. The program was initiated by the joyful praise-and-worship team followed by the Sunday school message of Pastor Eva Quines, the Novaliches Locale Minister.

The rush of attendees was overwhelming and half of them were visitors guided by the diligent brethren. It was evident in their countenance their excitement and joy at the start of worship service turning the milieu into a spirit-themed setting filled with songs and praises that engaged the congregation to magnify and worship the Almighty God.  The word of blessings was ministered by the beloved Bishop Arturo Ferriol where he rightly divided the words of truth regarding how a true believer should offer his uttermost offering of thanksgiving.

The occasion’s culmination featured a musical play entitled “In the Days of Noah” presented by the True Kinsman Theater Production. The story depicts the story of Noah and his righteousness before God’s eyes against the wickedness of his generation. This biblical narrative of Noah and the flood was used by Jesus Christ as a perfect analogy for His second coming in the last of the last days.

Truly, God’s mercies and grace abounds and endures as He once more vitalized the faith of the believers.  All brethren became living witnesses of God’s guidance and faithfulness over these years of service to Him. Blessed be the mighty name of God! (W.Cuartel)