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Geneva Switzerland Locale Church celebrates 14th Anniversary

“It is great to claim to know God, but it is better if God himself knows us. It’s important that we understand the characteristics of a man or a woman who is known by God.”

From the theme “Strengthened in the Faith and Overflowing with Thanksgiving – Colossians 2:7)  these were some of the words that were ministered by Pastor Jonathan Ferriol, Mizpah Area Coordinator, which highlighted his message and inspired the brethren.

            With much energy and excitement that filled the place, the brethren and delegates of PMCC (4th Watch) Geneva, Switzerland Locale celebrated their 14th Church Anniversary last September 16. Shower of testimonies and video presentations brought more blessings to the congregation and the Holy Spirit moved through the atmosphere freely. 

            Activities took place in the afternoon like stage play, dance numbers and victory concert to manifest the success of celebrating their much awaited anniversary and of course, to glorify and lift up the name of the Lord.