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Maui, Hawaii Locale celebrates 6th Church Anniversary

“Established in the faith, abundant in thanksgiving - Colossians 2:7”

This was the theme of Maui, Hawaii Locale in Hawaii in their 6th year Anniversary Celebration held last September 16, 2012.

Maui is one of the most progressive islands commercially and socially. Also known as home to many Filipinos, this vibrant island is one of the top tourist destinations due to the breathtaking beaches and spectacular mountains encircling the isle.

It is on this island that the work of God began when faithful brothers and sisters helped the gospel to spread and reach out many families. The church continued to grow in abundance when Pastor Rhodora Ramos arrived to pioneer the work in the mainland of Micronesia. It was then that the church in Maui Locale expanded.

The anniversary was graced through its opening by the parade of colors. Brothers and sisters, families, and guests were welcomed by a Tahitian Dance interpretation followed by the entrance of the partakers led by the local ministers, Pastor Rainier “Peter” Ramos and Pastor Rhodora Ramos. The main church in Honolulu gave their special choir number and some participations of the extension in Kauai Island. The opening prayer was given by Bro. Charlie Rosal, Scripture reading by Pastor Rainier “Peter” Ramos, and the Offertory message was preached by Pastor Rhodora Ramos.

To sanctify and saturate the brethren's spiritual thirst, the word of God was delivered by the Western Pacific District Area Coordinator Pastor Gallagher Concepcion with boldness that inspired the brethren to rededication and abundant thanksgiving to the Lord.
Maui’s goal attendance was accomplished and reached to nearly three hundred. It was the highest number ever achieved in a single local church anniversary in Hawaii. Many received the Lord and seven souls were saved.
Furthermore, the day concluded with many presentations emphasizing the “All Creation Praise.” Adults and youth shared their talents and crafts to interpret the Pacific cultures such as Filipino folk dance, Chinese fan dance, Japanese dance, Hula, Tahitian, Hip hop, and Samoan song sung by Maui Sounds of Praise Choir.