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Iisang Sigaw Benefit Concert gathers Christian Bands; Electrifies Christian Viewers

When will be the next “Iisang Sigaw” benefit concert?

A variety of Christian bands has brought together at “Teatro Marikina” last August 24, to magnify the name of the Lord through their music. 

All of a sudden, the theatre was filled with hundreds of attendees that made the entire place extremely dynamic. 

The concert was participated with the bands of Eleventh Hour, Pillars, John Mecq and the Potter’s House, Made in Heaven, Paracletos, Crusaders, Jash Bagabaldo and the Truth on Air Band which have made a standing ovation from the crowds while giving their best shouts of praises unto the Lord.

 Also, they have added some twist when the Zion Power Praise Dancers and 1G crew showed off their most excellent moves at the dance floor.  

More so, the event would not be concluded without the words of God that was ministered by Pastor Askel dela Cruz, Marikina Young Watchers Department Adviser.

The event has become a night of success, as it is very evident, that the crowds were fully blessed and energized by the melodies and harmonies of the Christian bands that have dedicated their hymns unto the Lord.(B.Sico)