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Taipa, Macau Commemorates 14 Years of God’s Incessant Goodness

Indeed, another year of existence and continuous recipient of God’s mercy is a proof that God is doing marvelous things to His Church.  

As the theme "United Towards The Advancement Of The Gospel" taken from Philippians 1:5 implied, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Taipa, Macau brethren as well as visitorsfilled with gladness and joy thanking God for his unending kindness, gathered at Kam Pek Community Center, San Malo, Macau last August 12 in celebration of their 14th year of service to the Lord.

Pastor Susan Saulog, Minister from Hong Kong Locale, delivered the offertory message. The Sunday School and Worship message ministered by Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Bethlehem Area Coordinator, encouraged the congregation to be part of God’s mission through the advancement of the gospel, to share God’s word to everyone with haste and to keep on supporting the mission.
In making the event livelier, a musical play entitled “People Need the Lord” was held in the afternoon.
(P. Manlapig)