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Celebrating US East Coast Camp 2012

Nestled on a valley surrounded by the Catoctin Mountains of Emmitsburg, Maryland, Summit Lake Retreat Center welcomed delegates coming from the various local churches of the PMCC 4th Watch from August 2-5, 2012 that marked the 6th Spiritual Camp held in the east coast comprised of six locale churches. With the theme "Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel Daily" based on Acts 5:42, there was a great cloud of spiritual anticipation hovering everyone present as God's people in this side of the United States gathered. The roster of churches present included Pennsylvania, headed by district sub coordinator Pastor David Medina, New York, lead by Bro. Mel Cuaresma, Maryland, Bro. Neil Robeniol, North Carolina under Bro. Arvin Arayata, Chicago lead by Pastor Faye Palma, and the newly added church Florida led by Bro. Glenn Sabino.

Morning lineup of services included devotion, worship service, and seminar. The US District Coordinator, Pastor Jonathan Ferriol once again stirred everyone's dedication and commitment as the church faces its own set of challenges inherent in every part of the world. His passion to convey his message of fulfilling ones part in bringing the gospel was evidenced by strong words, piercing and fitting for those who are willing to heed the call. The afternoons were packed with activities such as singing contests and sports. The days concluded with presentations during talents night and forging of new commitments during dedication night. The kids had their own separate ministry that was strongly anchored on the theme and gave them the opportunity to express themselves through talents and crafts.

Everyone was blessed to hear the empowering messages of two of our beloved and seasoned ministers in the Philippines. Pastor Ning Ferriol, ministered God's words during the offertory message of the worship service. Bishop Domingo Ferriol on the other hand, emphasized how obedience in the truth can help us greatly in boldly proclaiming the gospel.

It is in the constant admonition of our ministers that the east coast brethren found themselves bound by one spirit and that is to fulfill what has been commissioned by Christ himself to us - be bold in sharing of God's words. (D. Medina)