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Youth Month, Fellowship enliven Antioch Area’s August Month Celebration

               Making disciples and gathering souls – in accordance to the Great Commission, is the chief aim and the sole responsibility of every believer. In the Church of Christ in the end time, both young and old are encouraged to be involved in public preaching and in personal evangelism, thus, enabling them to accomplish that which is written in 1 Tim. 1:8-9, “Courageously Declaring the Gospel toward the Fulfillment of the Apostle’s Vision”.

               July 1st marked the Opening Ceremony of the Antioch Area Youth Month Celebration with the theme. Ministers of each designated areas fostered a worship service which moved every youth to actively participate in various church activities. Believing that great things can be attained through prayers, a fasting-and-prayer week was proposed, enabling all youth to attend morning devotions and lead morning prayers.

               On its second week, the participating young people were blessed to hold a 5-day Spiritual Empowerment wherein guest speaker emphasized the significance of responding to the Lord’s call for the harvest of souls in the end of the last days. Bishop Rustico Zonio, being one of the speakers, conveyed a message which made every youth realized that within their hands lay the enormous contribution for the vast needs of the church, and the urgency to drop down procrastination and hesitations.

              During the third week, the youth, highly-spirited and fully equipped with the knowledge which  comes from the Lord, were sent off to hospitals, jails, markets and street corners to proclaim the gospel boldly where myriad of people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and many were baptized.

              Moreover, the youth made an effort to visit one of the remote places at Silay City wherein they conducted an Outreach Program. The rain broke into a heavy downpour during that Saturday morn, yet, it didn’t impede anyone in the preparation of the said activity. Short interactive seminars were done, healthy feedings were given, gifts and school supplies were distributed to the children – everyone was joyous. But the most heart-warming scene of all, however, was when the silence dominated the place the moment everyone heard the exhortation of the words of God being delivered by the youth adviser, Tchr. Belle Zante.

           The finale of this month-long celebration was the Young Watchers’ Closing Ceremony held together with the annual Antioch Area Fellowship last Aug. 4, 2012. Visitors coming from the north, namely, Ptr. Dan Perez and some of the National Youth Officers made the assembly livelier. Representatives coming from the different areas vigorously participated in the showcase of talents, all aiming to gain awards to bring home. During the meditation, Bishop Rustico Zonio, the Antioch Area Coordinator and the Head Minister of Negros, addressed the rest of the brethren with the message that the coming of the Son of God is near and He won’t delay. Pastor Dan Perez, the National Youth Adviser, elaborated the need to disconfirm to the ways of this grossly wicked and pervert world people were in. He also emphasized that we must make use of our strength while we are young and while the time allows us to do things for the greater glory of the Lord’s body – the church, which is heading towards its triumphant end. No one went home empty handed. Everyone was fully packed with spiritual blessings.  (RG Camposagrado)