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Canada District Camp 2012: A Resounding Success

Months of preparations. Thousand miles of travel. A long journey. A massive built-up of anticipation and excitement. A deep longing for renewal and empowerment. A thirst for God’s words. For five days, the quenching and satisfaction in the spirit abounded in PMCC 4th Watch Canada District’s Camp 2012.

This year’s Camp 2012 was a success that brought so much blessings and joy to the brothers and sisters in the north western part of the globe. From July 30 to August 3, delegates from the different local churches in Canada gathered for this annual church event with the theme “Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel Daily” taken from the verse, Acts 5:42. A record breaking number of delegates packed the Huyck’s Bay Convention Centre in Hillier, Ontario. Campers from the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario trooped to the venue sharing the same goal of being renewed and refreshed by the divine words of God.

The Welcome Night was held on the evening of July 30th and the speaker for the said event was the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. On his message he clearly explained and reiterated the surer word of God, the meaning of 4th watch and the importance of having someone preparing and leading the church for the coming of Christ.

Throughout the days of camp, different seminars, programs and activities transpired that met the very essence and objective of the gathering. Bishop Domingo Ferriol together with his wife, Pastor Luningning Ferriol and the US District Coordinator and Surer Word TV Evangelist, Pastor Jonathan Ferriol were the guest speakers of the week-long camp. They shared and encouraged the brethren to be more involved in the personal evangelism program of the church. Along with the Apostle, they detailed out the ways and means on how to effectively carry out this essential mandate from the Lord according to their messages, as a people of God in doing His mission everyone must be consecrated, committed, willing and must have the sense of urgency to do their part. Everyone must also be equipped, having the right knowledge and understanding in keeping up the Great Commission of our Lord.

Pastor Isabel Obsanga, the District Coordinator of Canada, was truly amazed by the turn-out of this year’s camp. She thanked God for the growing ministries of the different local churches in Canada and the vision of more town and cities to be opened. God’s greatness was manifested in the number and quality of service that the Canadian brethren are offering to the growth of the church in the End-Time.

A way to end a spectacular event is to couple it with a grand finale. On August 5th, at the famed Rembrandt Hall in Scarborough, Ontario, the Grand Worship was held. Hundreds of brethren all throughout Canada and multitudes of guests and dignitaries assembled to worship God in a grand and great fashion that resulted with a resounding echo of praise and worship to the Lord. The Apostle of Christ in the End-Time, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, concluded the huge program with a very effective and contemporary message about the time.

As a summary, the Canada District Camp 2012 was indeed a blessed and victorious one. Young people were able to dedicate their lives to the ministry and commit to the Associate in Theology and Apostolic Missionary Program of the church. It also rekindled the faith of everyone to be more aware and involved to more dedicated and effective service to the Lord.