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ONK – TV Night Concludes Redeem Month

As the Church was keeping focused on the apostle’s vision of saturating the world with the true gospel, the church didn’t hesitate to go beyond the borders that invisibly divide the secular world from Christianity. Instead, it intrepidly entered the world of media in the year 1990 to use it as a tool to spread the gospel more effectively. And by the grace of God, the rapid advancement of the media ministry was witnessed.

Just this July 29, 2012, one of the most awaited parts of the Redeem Month, the Oras ng Katotohan (TV) Night was held at the PMCC 4th Watch Marikina Auditororium. With a Praise and Worship Team composed of some ONK (TV) staff, the congregation became lively in glorifying and praising the name of the Lord. Video presentations highlighted the program. They depicted the production procedure of the ONK (TV) staff and documentaries of some avid viewers that turned into converts and much more, into faithful disciples. In addition, the event also exposed the hidden talents of the ONK (TV) staff that they utilized in order to magnify the name of the Lord. They prepared a dance number and songs of praises that invoked the brethren to praise the Lord even more.

The Word of God which saturated the spiritual thirst of the brethren was delivered by Pastor Rey Yton, as he conveyed the huge role to play of the media ministry for it delivered the true gospel that can sanctify an individual as the Bible says in John 17:17. After the revitalizing message, the brethren departed with renewed dedication to support God’s mission and partaking in this kind of ministry by simply introducing this to their associates and acquaintances. (N. Ferriol)