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Queens, NY Locale embraces 8th year of God’s Grace

God’s work to His Church is indeed remarkable. Once more proven by the outpouring of God’s grace the PMCC 4th Watch Queens, New York Locale Church commemorates its 8th Church Anniversary. Brethren and visitors alike were in high spirit as they gathered in Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel to worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness.

Guided with the theme “A Festal Worship and a Heartfelt Thanksgiving Worthy of God” taken from Psalm 95:1-3, the congregation was strengthened by the powerful Sunday School message exhorted by Pastor Joie Medina. The Sunday school highlighted the graduation of DVBS.

After a short while, the worship proper started with highest lifting and adoration offered to God by the brethren. Brother Mel Cuaresma, Head Minister of New York Locale, welcomed the attendees with the warmest greetings. The offertory message was delivered by Pastor Joie Medina, Head Minister of Ottawa Locale, which gave way for the members to be recipients of God’s blessings.

Pastor David Medina fervently ministered the Words of God to the congregation. Inspired and moved by the message, the brethren and visitors alike glorified and magnified the mighty Name of the Lord. They were awestruck by how God moves to reveal Himself to the Church.

Yet again God’s wondrous act to the Church fascinated the attendees and they were glad to be a part of it. (P. Manlapig)